WISPA - Westfields Infant School Parents Association

 Registered Charity No: 11119878

Welcome to WISPA – Westfields Infant School Parents Association.

As a parent of a child who attends Westfields Infant School, you automatically become a member of WISPA. There are 4 main elected positions that head the WISPA committee, as follows:

Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer

There are also nominated class representatives, usually 2 for each class. The main role of the class rep is to act as liaison between the Parents & the committee & to enlist the help of non-elected committee members, that’s YOU, when needed at events such as the Christmas Bazaar, May Fayre, etc.

The AGM is held at the beginning of the autumn term & then subsequent evening meetings are held 2-3 times termly at the school, to plan & discuss fundraising events.

We do appreciate that some parents are unable to attend these meetings however your contribution of help, encouragement & new ideas are very much welcomed throughout the school year. 

Please feel free to forward these to the committee via your class representative or one of the elected members, at any time.  

Kind Regards,

The WISPA Team

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WISPA would like to introduce the team:-

Committee Members 2018-2019

 Chair  Emma Travers 
 Co- Chair  Michelle Gibbons
 Secretary  Becky Eyles
 Treasurer                Vicky Wilcox               
 Class  Class Representatives 

 Helen Hughes

 Donna Ward


 Leigh-ann Ogborne

 Claire Green

 Dawn De-Leuw


 Suzanne Douglas

 Michelle Byrne


 Vicki Cozens

 Claire Neilson


 Jo Peackock

 Emma Schulz


 Alice Lee

 Jo Morrissey

 Kerri Willans


 Becky Eyles

 Francesca Wise

 Woodpecker       Natalie Henderson