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British Values

Promoting British Values at Westfields Infant School

In November 2014, the Government published guidance on promoting British Value in schools. These values were developed to make sure that all young people in Britain leave school as valuable, fully rounded members of society. All schools have a responsibility to promote these British values; embedding them into the ethos and the whole school curriculum.

Here at Westfields, we believe that these values run through our school. We sent the school council out to question the children about these values, in easy to understand language. From their views and opinions we have developed our own easy to understand definitions.

We are able to help make decisions through class discussions and through the School Council.

The Rule of Law
We follow the Rules, especially the Golden Rules, and they help to keep us safe. This makes our School a happy and fun place to learn.

Individual liberty
We can make choices in School and have our own beliefs and ideas.

Mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs
We all follow the Golden Rules but we don’t all have the same beliefs and opinions.
We show respect to each other by listening and considering each other’s ideas even if we don’t agree with them.
We aim to develop these values; children who leave us knowing their responsibilities and treating others with tolerance and respect, regardless of their background. The table below shows how the British Values are promoted here at our Infant School.

 In classAs a whole school


We have a say in what   happens in our school.

  • We vote for “special time treat”
  • We vote for school council representatives
  • We choose what our class assemblies will be about
  • We choose who should take home the class pet
  • In circle time
  • We voted for the winners of the “Bake Off”
  • School council allows us to have a say

Rule of Law

We have fair rules for   our school.

  • We have a peg system and reward stickers to help us follow the rules
  • We have a Class Charter
  • The teachers have high expectations
  • We follow the Golden Rules throughout the   school
  • The parents and teachers have to follow rules as well.

Individual Liberty

We can make our own   choices in school.

  • We have choices in the work we do(child   initiated learning)
  • We make our own dinner choices
  • We are allow to disagree (as long as we   explain why and don’t hurt others)
  • Our own talents and achievements at home are valued and celebrated.
  • Circle times and some assemblies are aimed at children making the right choices
  • Our e-safety curriculum encourages us to make the correct online choices.

Mutual Respect

We listen to the   opinions of others.

We all have   responsibilities.

  • In our daily school life, we are encouraged to listen whilst others are talking; adults and children alike.
  • We value the ideas of all the children
  • During “tidy-up time” everyone has a part to play
  • A key ethos of the whole school
  • A key aspect of the PSHE curriculum
  • We value the ideas of the whole school   community

Tolerance of different Faiths/Beliefs

We enjoy learning   about different beliefs and ways of life.

  • We have explored many different cultures   through our whole school topics (Christmas around the World, World Cup Fever)
  • We spend time learning about different   festivals, such as Diwali, Chinese New Year and Hanukah
  • We visit the churches in our area
  • Through the KS1 RE curriculum we learn about other belief systems
  • We have regular visitors and workshops that develop our knowledge of other cultures.