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Year R News

Spring Walk

On our Welly Walk we looked for signs of spring. In our school grounds we found: daffodils, blossom, buds, new leaf growth, daisies, crocuses and hyacinths.  We anticipate seeing more signs of spring as the temperature warms up. In class, we have planted seeds and look forward to seeing them grow.

Lunar New Year

2022 is the Year of the Tiger and we have been learning about how families celebrate the Lunar New Year. At the start of the week we watched some dragon and lion dances and then performed our own lion dance and played the drums for the lion to dance to. This tied into this term’s work in music, which has been about keeping a steady beat. We made our own red envelopes – which are given to children at Lunar New Year with money inside. The red colour symbolises good luck and prosperity. We also made dragon puppets, where we learnt to fold the paper in a concertina style to give it movement. 

Visitors into school

We have been learning about people who help us – our ‘everyday superheroes’.  As part of this topic we have been very lucky to have been visited by the police.  We had four police officers visit us, who told us about the clothes that they wear and the special equipment that they carry.  We were even able to try some of it on. The body armour was so heavy that some of us fell over trying to lift it. To be able to do their job, police officers have to carry lots of special equipment with them. It was good to be allowed to hold some of the items They also brought with them some vehicles which they let us climb inside. We sat in the back of the van and in the driver’s seat of the police car.  We heard the siren (which was very loud!) and saw the flashing lights on the vehicles. We would like to thank all of the police officers for coming to visit it.


We have also had a visit from a vet, who told us all about her work. She showed us lots of the special equipment she uses in her job.  She let us try on the stethoscope and found out how she would take the temperature of an animal!  We tried on the hats which vets wear when they are operating on animals to ensure the area is kept clean. A vet treats lots of different animals and she told us about some of them (but were a little disappointed to discover she had never treated a wolf!).


In Year R we have been learning about the celebration of Diwali. This celebration is also known as The Festival of Lights and is celebrated by Hindu's and Sikh's. We listened to the story of Ramu and Sita, the story of Diwali. We made Diva lamps, which we used in our own Diwali celebration in the hall and made rangoli patterns. We learnt how families have a special meal and exchange presents at Diwali and that fireworks are used in the celebrations.