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Year 1 News

In Geography we have been learning about maps and have been for a walk to the postbox to post our maps to the Jolly Postman.  

In Art we looked at pictures made by Andy Goldsworthy using natural objects. Then we used natural objects we could find in the school grounds to make some pictures of our own.

As part of our work on Autumn, we talked about where food comes from and made apple cakes using apples from the courtyard.

We planted bulbs in the school grounds and look forward to seeing the flowers in the Spring.

The children have been busy practising their programming skills in Year 1. They thoroughly enjoyed using the beebots and practised following simple algorithms and creating their own. The children learnt about the term ‘debugging’ and how to re-program their beebot when it went wrong. 


Year 1 enjoyed becoming mini scientists when they went on a walk of our beautiful grounds to search for evidence of Autumn. They found pine cones, blackberries, little acorns growing in the trees and lots of crunchy leaves!