Celebration Evening - July 2019


On 17th July the school was bustling with parents and children, celebrating their work and achievements this year.

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I-Rock Concert - July 2019

On 17th July the I-Rock students performed an end of term concert. We had performances from the Red Rocks, The Thunder Dabs and the Royal Blue Rockers. It was great to see so many confident budding musicians.


KS1 Tennis Event - July 2019

On Monday 8th July I had the pleasure of accompanying eight children to a tennis event at Farnborough tennis club run by Catherine McKeracher, the North Hampshire School Games Organiser.  

First, the children took part in some paired warm up games and then learnt to use a forehand pass. After some simple games and a little more practice they were given the chance to use nets and play some rallying games. Despite some children finding this a little tricky they were very resilient and persevered with trying to grasp this skill. Others had to learn to reign in their strength when volleying to stop the ball flying out of the courts! 

As the session progressed the children had to play some simple doubles tennis with pupils from different schools as well as having a go at a knock out tennis skills game with Catherine.

I was extremely proud of all the children; they behaved impeccably, with excellent listening skills and wonderful manners. Thank you to the parents for transporting the children, and apologies to the dad who took a knock to the head from a uncontrolled tennis ball. Great job everyone!


Y2 Bring and Buy Sale - July 2019


Thank you everyone who donated toys for the Year 2 bring and buy sale and to those who came and bought a toy.  We are pleased to announce that Year 2 raised a total of £74 for NSPCC. Well done Year 2 what a great idea!




Y2 Trip to Wisley Gardens - July 2019

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Wisley! We took part in a minibeast workshop where we caught creatures using nets and knocked the branches off the trees to find out which creatures live in them. We also got a chance to go pond dipping and look in the gardens at where they grow different plants and vegetables.  We found newts and lots of pond snails. Some of us even caught fish. The large greenhouse was amazing and the waterfall was a big surprise. During our visit, we also made bookmarks using the petals we found on the floor in the rose garden.


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