Year 2 Victorian Day - November 2018

On Monday 26th November, the Year 2 children finished their History Detectives Topic by having a Victorian Day. Everyone came to school dressed as a Victorian child and we even had a Queen Victoria! We visited each classroom and experienced a Victorian school, wash day and made Victorian toys.  The teachers in the school were very strict and a child had to wear the dunce hat.  During wash day we cleaned material and used the dolly stick, washboard and mangle.  It was hard work!  In the Victorian Toy Room we made a cup and ball and a thaumatrope.  What a fantastic day we had!

Victorians Y2 2018 1  Victorians Y2 2018 2  Victorians Y2 2018 3  Victorians Y2 2018 4Victorians Y2 2018 5    Victorians Y2 2018 6



Friendship Week - November 2018

During the week of 12th November the children have been thinking about friendship.  We began our Friendship week with an 'Odd Sock Day' focusing the fact that we are all unique but equally important.  With the help of some parents, the children made some Odd Sock Snakes.  Throughout the school the children made sock puppets; inventing personalities for their creations and thinking about how they were similiar and different to other puppets.  After listening to lots of stories and exploring what makes a good friend; thinking about how good friends make us feel, we worked together to make Friendship Bracelets for every child to take home.


Children in Need / Grandparents Day - November 2018

On Friday 16th November it was Children in Need and Grandparents Day.  The children enjoyed having their grandparents in school to help them with their work and complete their friendship bracelets.  We raised £259.98 for Children in Need.  Thank you for supporting this worthy cause!

Grandparents Day 2018 1         Grandparents Day 2018 2          Grandparents Day 2018 3

Y2 Wild Thing Museum - November 2018

The Year 2 children listened to the story of 'Where the Wild Things are' and then they wrote descriptions of the settings and creatures.  They wrote the story but improved it by including more adjectives.  The children then designed and made their own wild thing.  The Year 2 classrooms were then set up as a Museum.  The children enjoyed sharing their work with parents who were invited to come and visit our Museum.

Y2 Museum 1       Y2 Museum 2     Y2 Museum 3



Diwali - November 2018

In Year R the children learnt about Diwali which is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world and is known as the Festival of Light.  We found out about some of the customs and traditions associated with this festival and how it is celebrated.  The children made their own clay diva lamps which are used to decorate homes at this special time, representing the lamps which were lit in the story of Rama and Sita.  At the end of the week all the Year R children had their own Diwali celebration by lighting all the lamps in the hall.

divali 1                                       divali 2