DUG Afternoon - June 2018

What a fun afternoon we all had! Thank you to all the dads, uncles and grandads who came in for the afternoon.

Year R had a fantastic time exploring activities with an 'under the sea' theme. They explored outside and went on a word hunt, they decorated scales and made sea creatures using cress.

In Year 1 they enjoyed exploring outside and finding different textures to use for a minibeast scene. They have made a beautiful display in the Year 1 corridor.

In Year 2 they had a Brazil afternoon. They children made hats, shakers and flags. When the adults arrived they made parrots, snakes and posters all about Brazil and the rainforest. The afternoon finished with the adults participating in a carnival around the playground. They made a LOT of noise!


Y1 Trip Marwell Zoo - June 2018

On Tuesday 19th June Year 1 visited Marwell Zoo. We enjoyed looking at all of the animals and sharing our knowledge from our topic 'Hooves, Paws and Trotters' earlier on in the year. One of our favourite parts of the trip was when the tiger came up very close to see us. We also enjoyed looking at the meerkats digging around and giraffes eating their lunch.

ay1trip  ay1trip3  ay1trip4

Sponsored Walk - May 2018

Thank you to everyone who came, joined in and collected money for our sponsored walk. Everyone enjoyed running, skipping and walking their way around the field and luckily the weather was kind and the rain stayed away. All money raised will be used for continuous school improvement to enrich the children's education.

 IMG 4125

Jungle Jonathan Year 2 - June 2018

What an amazing time we had! On Tuesday 12th June, Jungle Jonathan came to visit Year 2 as they have been learning about the rainforest. He brought some of his amazing animals with him. We met his tarantulas called Elsa and Seven. Seven was born with only seven legs but now has eight legs as spiders are able to grow back their legs. After that we saw his true leaf insects which looked just like leaves! We had to hold them very carefully as they were very delicate. They were fascinating!

Jonathan also bought his horsehead dragonfly from Peru and his Brazilian dragonfly. They looked very different and the horsehead dragonfly looked like a stick insect. Finally we got to see the most beautiful snake in the world. It was a Brazilian Boa called Mrs Noah. We all got to hold her and in the bright sunlight, she looks blue, purple and green.

JJ1  JJ2 JJ4 jj5

Year R Bekonscot Trip - May 2018

We were very excited to go on our first school trip. We had an amazing day at Bekonscot Model Village. We were very proud of all the children as their behaviour and manners while we were out of school were excellent. We enjoyed looking around the village trying to spot all the different types of vehicles - we were particularly excited to see all of the moving model trains. We even got to have our own train ride. Some of our favourite things to see at the village were the circus, the mine, the boats in the harbour, the zoo, the castle - in fact the list could go on as there were so many exciting things to see.

Bek2   Bek3 bekon5