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YR Trip to Bekonscot Model Village - May

Year R went to Bekonscot Model Village on our first school trip. It was very exciting from the moment we left the classroom door as it was the first time on a coach for many of our children.

At the village we found there were so many things to look at! We tried to count the trains that were going around the village but lost count as there were so many, and we weren't sure which ones we had seen twice. We even had a ride on a train ourselves which was exciting as it went through a tunnel and around the lake.

We counted how many different animals we could see in the zoo; we watched the acrobats in the circus; we saw the firemen putting out a fire on a thatched roof; we thought which fairground ride we would like to go on; we walked around the shops - looking in the windows to see what they sold; we looked to see what people were doing in their gardens; we saw a policeman chasing a robber who had escaped from jail using sheets tied together and we saw a bull chasing a man in a field; we saw coal being mined and fishing boats in a harbour; we saw a wedding and children playing at school. And many more things!

As you can see there were SO many things to see at Bekonscot and each time we turned a corner we were in for another treat.

The day was a little cold but that didn't stop us having a really lovely day. But the best thing about the day was the children - everyone was very well behaved with lovely manners. Well done Year R!