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Year 2 Victorian Day - November 2017

On Monday 27th November Year 2 children took part in a Victorian Day. They arrived at school dressed as Victorian children and were greeted at their class door by Victorian teachers. The classrooms were set up with tables in rows and all children had to take part in a hand inspection to check they were clean. The children moved around the Year 2 classes to experience a Victorian School, wash day and toy making. They took part in a drill, did handwriting and someone even had to wear the dunce hat! How strict our teachers were! In the toy room, the children made a thaumatrope toy and cup and ball. During wash day the children used the dolly peg, wash board and mangle to re enact Victorian wash day. What an exciting day we had!

Here are a few of the children's comments:

"It was brilliant and I would like to do it again"

"I wish we could have the tables in rows all the time"

"The teachers were strict but I like how they really are"

"I give it the thumbs up"