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Science week - November 2016

We learnt so much during Science and DT Week, words like 'finding out', 'experiments' and 'testing' were used each day throughout the school. In Year R children tested which car would go furthest down a ramp. In Year 1 children tested their aeroplanes to see which design flew the best. In Year 2 children were encouraged to sort out the correct material for a prticular purpose.

All children spent a day studying habitats around our school. This culminated in each child designing and making a creature and habitat of their choice.

We had a visit from The Education Group who worked with Year 1 and 2 and used a forensic workshop to show how clues can be found from lots of things in everyday life.

Pupils and staff from Yateley School worked with children in Year R and 1 and showed them how to use equipment that is normally used by older children. The week ended with a trip for some Year 2 scientists to Yateley School. They toured the science labs and watched a super scientific experiment called 'the screaming jelly baby.'