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Jungle Jonathan Year 2 - June 2018

What an amazing time we had! On Tuesday 12th June, Jungle Jonathan came to visit Year 2 as they have been learning about the rainforest. He brought some of his amazing animals with him. We met his tarantulas called Elsa and Seven. Seven was born with only seven legs but now has eight legs as spiders are able to grow back their legs. After that we saw his true leaf insects which looked just like leaves! We had to hold them very carefully as they were very delicate. They were fascinating!

Jonathan also bought his horsehead dragonfly from Peru and his Brazilian dragonfly. They looked very different and the horsehead dragonfly looked like a stick insect. Finally we got to see the most beautiful snake in the world. It was a Brazilian Boa called Mrs Noah. We all got to hold her and in the bright sunlight, she looks blue, purple and green.